Introducing the rebel of Sabokah Burmese...

Sabokah Sioux Dakota

(Sexy Cota)



In this picture Cota is the one attacking, not being attacked...She doesnt take nothing from no one!

Cota is a lovely little girl who has the most awsome golden eye colour and the best ''Burmese expression'' she alos has the nicest almost pinkish lilac tone thanks to her father Tarnee. She is a solid built cat with alot of weight and muscle to throw around...non of our other cats would ever dream of messing with her.  Her mother is Kandid Gypsys Destanee (suzy) and her father is Kandid Noble Tarnee (Tarnee) (both imports from Australia). Cota is the most chatty, outgoing, cuddly cat you could ever set your eyes on! Every day is different with Cota, she is always up to mischief! She is owned by my oldest son Shane who is always winding her up and she just loves the attention! But Cota also does have a soft side occasionally and when she does she is very cuddly and loving. Cota is our up and coming breeding queen.


Cota at about 4 months old


As you can see from this photo, Cota has the most stunning gold eyes


Another photo showing Cotas awsome eyes


Cota being sexy